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Am I still gonna see Timmi? June 5, 2008 at 8:57 am

Many months had passed but, our summer is near at its end…Am I still gonna see my favorite dog, Timmi? Every time I remember every single day with Timmi, it makes me smile…How about you, if you remember a very memorable experience with your favorite, kind, loyal, smart, & cute dog; what do you feel?  If I could have wishes, I would have wished to bring Timmi back…As life goes on, a quote says:

“Nothing lasts forever, except eternal life & God…”

If Timmi dies early I don’t know what I’m gonna do. If Timmi dies, I’ll die too! Just joking. But I’m serious. If a gift that you really like (more than like, but LOVE), is gone, what would you feel? I would feel “emo” when that happens…Take care of your dogs, or else…

Summer Vacation June 2, 2008 at 12:35 pm

After the long school days, here we are…A memorable experience with the family. Our summer vacation was in the home of my (mother’s side) relatives at Iba, Zambales. My mom enrolled in Sammieden Music Center for violin lessons this summer. My schedule is  Monday (music theory), Tuesday & Thursday (main lessons). Almost everyday, I get to watch my favorite T.V. shows. I always stay home with my siblings. I know what you think, and of course,  I don’t get bored!  If  I  got nothing to do, I  just play with the dogs.  Sometimes, my cousin used to visit me. There are sometimes I visit our store, just staying for a while (staying less than 30 minutes). It’s kinda fun! Every night, I sleep at almost 10:20, watching T.V. late. Especially watching my favorite local “horror” show, Maligno (means an evil spirit). Sometimes (especially the 1st episode), I get to be scared :D .

My vacation was fun! Days after the music lessons, we had a recital. That recital was fun, like our last day of school. I played the violin, and a duet. I forgot to copy the picture from my uncle’s camera. My parents had fetched us last June 1, Sunday.

Now that the summer is near at it’s end, I came to ask you,

“How about you? Did you have a great time?”

I really wish you did! I don’t want to see people in sad faces, I treat visitors like you (almost everyone) as a friend…:)…

Link Love February 9, 2008 at 6:30 am

TeacherJulie tagged me to do a Link Love. Yeah, link love. I am supposed to put my blog’s name at the end of the list. The list is here:
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I don’t really know anyone who blogs but my family so I will pass this to my brother Julian’s blog but it is still TeacherJulie who writes there. At least they can pass it on again. I think this is how this works.

Christmas day is only 2 days away! December 23, 2007 at 8:08 am

Today is 23rd of December. Also, the 5th birthday of my youngest sister Tania. We’ll have a party of Christening of our cousin: Sofia Arwen later. Right now I’m customizing my friendster profile. The school exams were great and easy. I like t! Last Tuesday (December 18,) we went to SM to buy something. More like early Christmas shopping. My sibling bought toy cars, my dad bought a toy-motorcycle for his exchange gift; and I bought a stuffed toy that looks like Nicolette. No Timmi available. There is one but it costs: Php 550.75! Which I didn’t buy it!  Our school Christmas party was a good one! It was one of the best! I got the biggest gift from my exchange mate. My code name was “Emokid987666″ but teacher wrote “emokid0987666″. I LIKE IT SO MUCH!!!

Now then let me continue this by today’s activity tomorrow, or maybe later…

I Love Your Blog Award December 5, 2007 at 7:10 pm

My mom gave me an award and it is called “I LOVE YOUR BLOG” award.



Thanks Nanay. And now I like to give this award to my brother Julian




Want I want for Christmas… November 20, 2007 at 6:16 pm

For this Christmas I want a gift that is:

1. Not expensive, full of Love

2. Spiritual gathering

3. And an anti-hated days…

I PROMISE to forget all violations & mistakes/sins that I did. I wish Timmi is here to celebrate with me on Christmas… I miss her love… Even if the best gift is 1 million php (I like it much) still, the best gift is LOVE FROM MY FAMILY. But a special gift for a FRIEND is something you must never know… (I’ll ask my mother to blog it…hehehe… SORRY…) Yeah, I’ll ask… PROMISE if she’ll let me… :D … Be patient! I’ll try tomorrow… Because no classes! Rewiring of wires only in EDSA… NO! I’m not gonna see my friends.. Back to the topic is… oh, sorry, time to go… BYE! :D

A Friend of mine, DIED… November 1, 2007 at 7:00 am

Do you know that a “good friend of ours”  named Colette died about a month ago? Ever since she died, I already know how it feels; and if you haven’t felt this, it really is sad…You know how I felt when Colette was gone… Alright then, this FRIEND is actually a… humans’ best friend…a dog…:)

Colette, who was like a sister to Timmi… She died about a month ago. They didn’t know that she was pregnant. But the doctor gave the wrong medicine. Nicolette (name of dog), didn’t eat for about a week. She had a fever then when the doctor gave her medicine, she died. Jeez… I miss her. So much.

I miss Timmi too since she was brought to Bohol because Colette died.

This is Timmi… October 23, 2007 at 5:56 pm

Hi again! Have you met my dog Timmi? Yeah, I know you have met her from all my posts… Now, here’s a picture of her… Isn’t she cute? Timmi is nice, but sometimes a pesky dog… I like it when she’s asleep. She’s so cute when she sleeps! She barks that outsiders can hear her. Alert and loyal to me, she has a boy friend named Sparky (another dog of mine, a pit bull dog.). Once you’ve hug her, she feels so soft I don’t want to let her go! WAAHH…


****** ******

********** **********

***************** ***************














T I M M I!!!!!!!!!

I’ll miss u Timmi! October 20, 2007 at 6:32 pm

hello to  all. My worst day is tomorrow…10/21/07…

Because my cute little Timmi is going to Bohol, a province in the Philippines…

she’ll stay there, like,… forever. And I’ll miss her (>_<)

I’ll only see her on summer days! NNNOOO!

But its OK… hope you will not experience the feeling of losing a great best friend (dog) ever…



I Luv Timmi! October 12, 2007 at 7:15 am

I LOVE MY TIMMI!!! She’s one loyal dog-barker to me…The only thing I hate is her to make a big chaos in our house. That’s the only irritating one! The best thing is she knows people’s emotions and commands.She don’t really know good tricks. But she’s house trained. I hate it whenever she’s making mess in the house. But whatever happens I still love her. If you were me, try to have a pet that’s making your house really messy. Let’s see if you get really irritated. Now, try to have a really hairy, black, noisy-barker dog. She eats less food so you can save big. Now, here is a question…







If mostly yes…


If mostly no…


Some yes, some no, some not really…

DO YOUR BEST!!!!!!!!!

See ya! ;-D