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Want I want for Christmas… November 20, 2007 at 6:16 pm

For this Christmas I want a gift that is:

1. Not expensive, full of Love

2. Spiritual gathering

3. And an anti-hated days…

I PROMISE to forget all violations & mistakes/sins that I did. I wish Timmi is here to celebrate with me on Christmas… I miss her love… Even if the best gift is 1 million php (I like it much) still, the best gift is LOVE FROM MY FAMILY. But a special gift for a FRIEND is something you must never know… (I’ll ask my mother to blog it…hehehe… SORRY…) Yeah, I’ll ask… PROMISE if she’ll let me… :D … Be patient! I’ll try tomorrow… Because no classes! Rewiring of wires only in EDSA… NO! I’m not gonna see my friends.. Back to the topic is… oh, sorry, time to go… BYE! :D

how to spend money wisely August 19, 2007 at 8:51 pm

Do Not spend money in unimportant items! If you ever want to buy something that is not important, feel free thinking not to buy it! Don’t spend MONEY for fun, spend it for needs. Make you own savings so that you are ready for your future. Remember, think about the people who don’t have money. Maybe, if you have money, you’ll spend it all and you’ll have nothing left. When you’re out of it, you’ll feel like a man without money (like people on the streets I mean.). While you still have money, save until you reach the time you need to use it. :P