Summer Vacation June 2, 2008 at 12:35 pm

After the long school days, here we are…A memorable experience with the family. Our summer vacation was in the home of my (mother’s side) relatives at Iba, Zambales. My mom enrolled in Sammieden Music Center for violin lessons this summer. My schedule is  Monday (music theory), Tuesday & Thursday (main lessons). Almost everyday, I get to watch my favorite T.V. shows. I always stay home with my siblings. I know what you think, and of course,  I don’t get bored!  If  I  got nothing to do, I  just play with the dogs.  Sometimes, my cousin used to visit me. There are sometimes I visit our store, just staying for a while (staying less than 30 minutes). It’s kinda fun! Every night, I sleep at almost 10:20, watching T.V. late. Especially watching my favorite local “horror” show, Maligno (means an evil spirit). Sometimes (especially the 1st episode), I get to be scared :D .

My vacation was fun! Days after the music lessons, we had a recital. That recital was fun, like our last day of school. I played the violin, and a duet. I forgot to copy the picture from my uncle’s camera. My parents had fetched us last June 1, Sunday.

Now that the summer is near at it’s end, I came to ask you,

“How about you? Did you have a great time?”

I really wish you did! I don’t want to see people in sad faces, I treat visitors like you (almost everyone) as a friend…:)…

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