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Black and White September 18, 2012 at 10:54 am

Original artwork done by me:

black and white art work by Lucky Charms

MaTh & ScIeNcE week… February 3, 2008 at 9:52 am

On our 3rd trimester at school, we added the activities “math & science week 2007-2008″.

There was many things…

day 1:

Preparation for the week (Monday, January 28, 2008)

day 2:

A.M.-Cheering competition from grades 1-7 (Tuesday, January 29, 2008…AM)

P.M.-High school human chess game, games, math quiz bee elimination round,drawing contest

day 3:

A.M.- Elementary  sports fest, (Wednesday, January 30, 2008)

P.M.- science quiz bee elimination round-elementary, preparation 4 exhibit

day 4:

A.M.-Math quiz bee FINALS (Thursday, January 31, 2008)

P.M.- Science quiz bee FINALS, preparation for exhibition (classroom)

day 5:



That was a great week!!! By tomorrow, Monday (February 4, 2008), in our flag ceremony, will announce the winners of the: Cheering competition, classroom exhibit, finalist & drawing competition!!! I wish that our hard-work will be granted as winners!!! (^_^)!

Family Week, Examzzz & Christmas party…almost here! December 7, 2007 at 10:00 pm

HHHEEEYYY!!! Our school’s Family week activity is on next week: Dec. 13,14 & 15. Our day is on the 15th… Plus Music hour. Our dance is gonna be a…n…. I don’t know…

I’m also excited that our 3rd trimester exams are after the Family week. My parents said “Galingan mo at mag-aral ka para ibalik ko yung pera mo OK?!  ((Do your best and study hard so I can give your money back OK?!))”. My school subjects are quite easy <Yah right! easy to FAIL!> so I’ll do my best to TOP the exams.

The Christmas party…I don’t know what’s gonna happen…(I’m not a psychic!) I know…programs, final goodbye’s, merry Christmas, Happy new years, etc. I know that it will be great! <My word: (Fall Out Boy’s song) “Thanks for the Memories”>
I’m excited for real!

CoNfIrMaTiOn On MoNdAy…11/19/07 November 17, 2007 at 11:06 am

Hi, as for school’s special activity, is our confirmation. The 2nd Sacrament. It’s not really that exciting because you need to learn more about it. For 3 days we attended a seminar or catechism day. It’s an  explanation about confirmation. The celebration starts by 8:30 am, Monday, November 19, 2007. NOT exciting because many preparations to go. It’s not really that fun because only 3 of us in our class will attend. So, its not that fun… I can’t believe I’m done with confession, so, I miss making sins… JOKE…but its true… :D … hehehe… So I’m blogging by Tuesday afternoon when I’m home.