Birthstones and MORE precious stones August 19, 2007 at 8:00 pm

There are different kinds of Quartz, gems, precious stones and many more…

Are you familiar with birthstones? There are 12 kinds of birthstones…(12 months in a year)

  • January- Garnet (orange)
  • February- Amethyst (purple)
  • March- Aquamarine (aqua)
  • April- Diamond (white)
  • May- Emerald (green)
  • June- Pearl (white bead)
  • July- Ruby (red)
  • August- Peridot (light green)
  • September- Sapphire (blue)
  • October- Opal (black w/ some white)
  • November- Topaz (yellow)
  • December- Turquoise ( blue w/ some black)

I’ve got this from a book…(I forgot the title)

Some stones can be found in rocks…Fake ones are made of plastics, colored glass, and more.

I think that to know which one is fake or real is to:

Fake- It looks so perfect, Eye attractive, it doesn’t really shine like a disco ball, and (just search about it to learn more) more.

Real- try to test it with water. Put the stone on the bottom of the container. Whenever you saw a bubble floating, means its real. And this shines until you’re blind (just kidding, shines so bright) Just search more to learn more.

Now remember, if you want to buy precious stones and jewelry, be SURE to know how to know if it’s REAL… :D

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